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Environmentally friendly

Crystal Light

This has been cross posted on Lisa Cooking. I've always been a fan of Crystal Light.  I can't stand drinking plain old water and the flavor Crystal Light adds to my water is what I need.  I do have to admit that I was shocked by the new packaging they now are using.  I am so use to the old cups that it floored me that they changed.  With that being said, I … [Read more...] about Crystal Light

Nature's Source

Who isn't looking for a bathroom cleaner that not only cleans but also is environmentally friendly?  If you aren't, just skip past this post.  However, if you are, you definitely need to check out SC Johnson's Nature's Source.  This is one of those products that once you use, you'll never be able to put down again.  With Nature's Source, you are able to … [Read more...] about Nature's Source

Virtual Baby Shower: BuddhiWear Organic Clothing

If you are looking for all organic clothing, then I have the place you need to start shopping  Buddiwear Organic Clothing carries apparel for the entire family and focuses on buying local, supporting small business, and being green.  They use environmentally friendly dyes on all their items, and all of their shirts have a positive flare to them.  The owner of … [Read more...] about Virtual Baby Shower: BuddhiWear Organic Clothing

Countdown To Christmas: Environmentally Friendly

With having small children, I like to use products that save the environment.  I would like to give my kids a cleaner earth.  I have a couple products that do just that. Did you know that vodka could be environmentally friendly? 360 Vodka is distilled using a state-of-the-art energy-efficient process at a carbon neutral facility.  The vodka is made from … [Read more...] about Countdown To Christmas: Environmentally Friendly