Join Me At #ProtectPixieHollow Twitter Party 3/31 8:00 PM EST


Do you believe in magic? Do you think a sprinkle of pixie dust can transform your day?  If you do, listen up because I’m calling all my fairy fans to join me at a party you will not want to miss!  You see, I’ve got some exciting news about Disney’s The Pirate Fairy DVD!  It’s flying to Walmart on April 1st and the magic is surely going to reach ...continue reading

Healthy Chicago, Fashion Shows, and More Weight Loss – #NSNation Update Week 40 #samp

This is the start of my last month with Nutrisystem. I received my last shipment over the weekend. However, I still have more weight to lose, so I will continue to update after these 4 weeks. I couldn't have done this without all of you!I also have some exciting news. I will be attending a really cool conference on November 10th: Healthy Chicago. My ...continue reading

The Big 5-0! (And I’m Not Talking Age!) – #NSNation Update – Week 23


Exciting news people! Exciting news! With all the issues I have had this month, I can honestly say that June was a struggle. However, I am proud to say that I officially have lost 50 pounds! Can you believe it?I even made a video about it! It's about all the things I wouldn't have done 50 lbs ago:Even though I did the hard work, I couldn't have ...continue reading

We Are Going To New York and Need Your Help!


So, I've got some very exciting news for this summer. My family and I are heading to New York! My SIL just had a baby, and we are making a trip out there to see them! I had to wait till school was out and move Will's birthday party, but we are going to New York in June!Now, I have a special thanks to give out to Connie Burke with GM. We'll be driving ...continue reading