Reverse Charades Hollywood Edition Giveaway!

Have you ever played charades? If so, then you definitely play reverse charades!  Instead of having one person acting out the clue and everybody else guessing, there is only one person guessing. That means, everybody else is acting out the clue.  You have 60 seconds to act out as many words as the guesser can guess.  It is absolutely hilarious!  Sometimes you ...continue reading

Movies on Demand Giveaway! #MODSummer


Movies On Demand on cable is offering the ultimate survival kit for the best possible movie watching experience by providing you with all the necessities.  This is especially helpful here in Chicago, because it is so hot!!!  Nobody wants to go out in this heat.  Instead, we want to stay indoors and watch movies!The Summer Movie Survival Kit comes complete ...continue reading

CobraCo® Round Bravo Fire Pit

Entertain family and friends all year long with the CobraCo® Round Bravo Fire Pit! The Bravo features sturdy steel construction in a contemporary design with mesh screened side windows to contain the fire while offering terrific views, a deep base with integrated air risers to provide maximum air flow for a robust flames, a large wire screen cover to control ...continue reading

Artful Vision Giveaway!

Discover a dazzling array of creative, American-made products, and play a vital part in an innovative fundraising effort that supports worthy causes across the U.S.A with Artful Vision!In 1994, Maxine Gardner's husband died at 41 of an aneurysm. Her two sons, then 9 and 12, became her total focus. In 2000 she discovered mosaics and became an accomplished ...continue reading