Madison’s First Day of School

I finally got the pictures I took yesterday uploaded.  I haven't got to hear about it yet, because Bill's mom picked her up.  She fell asleep on the way back and she had her nap at her house.  When she woke up, it was supper time.  Then she went swimming.  Bill's mom was going to drive her home, but then Madison started getting ready for bed, so she called … [Read more...]

Update on Will & Madison

We went to the doctor this afternoon, and they aren't too sure what Will has either. All the tests that need to be run have been run. They think it is a virus. I have to keep monitoring him and call them back tomorrow. I think they will be more concerned if he still has a fever tomorrow. On a good note, Will is now 12 lbs 10 ounces (he was ten pounds … [Read more...]

My Night

DISCLAIMER: Body fluids talked about here! We got home from Wisconsin about 4:00. About 4:30, Will decided to start crying and not stop for about an hour. No matter what we did, it didn't work. The only reason he stopped crying was that he fell asleep. Then he got up about a half hour later and we started this again. Bill has tried twice now to put him … [Read more...]

What a day!

I took this picture of Madison a couple of days ago. She literally fell asleep while she was coloring. It was so cute that I had to take a picture. That's how I am feeling right now. Very, very tired. If I would be getting more than 4 hours of sleep (and that isn't straight sleep), I think I wouldn't be dragging butt so bad right now. Today was super … [Read more...]

Rhapsody KIDS Giveaway

Rhapsody KIDS is the first music subscription service to offer a fun, safe, and easy music experience created just for kids. There is nothing worse than have to constantly find music that is appropriate for our children. This is especially tough as they get older. There is nothing worse then having them sing along to […]

Blast Off With Miles From Tomorrowland & A Stop At Google Too! #milesevent

Miles from Tomorrowland is an animated space adventure series that centers around the Callisto family who live on a spaceship called the Stellosphere and work for the Tomorrowland Transit Authority (TTA).  The four main characters are Miles Callisto (an enthusiastic and curious boy with a somewhat reckless inventive streak), Loretta Callisto (Miles’ older sister and technology and […]

Bloody Knife Cupcakes

For a fun take on cupcakes, these Bloody Knife Cupcakes will be a hit at any Halloween party!