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Pointing Fingers Giveaway!

Think you know your friends and family?  Pointing Fingers will show you exactly what you do and what you DON'T know about them!  Each person reads a question from one of the cards, then everyone else writes down how often they've done it on their Truth Meters. One of the questions they asked if is you ever sleepwalked? (I did when I was a kid!) Or have you … [Read more...] about Pointing Fingers Giveaway!

Wordless Wednesday: Balancing Spoons

On Saturday, we were waiting at my moms house for the boys (aka the husbands) to get back from the store.  We were waiting for the tablets to dissolve in the vinegar/water combo and Will was walking around with a spoon.  He was balancing it on his fingers and my sister asked him if he could balance a spoon on his nose.  Remember, he's 5.  This is what he … [Read more...] about Wordless Wednesday: Balancing Spoons

What having surgery taught me . . . .

Now, if you follow me regularly, you will know that exactly one week ago I was having an ablation done.  This was done to control the last 5 years of what doctors would call "breakthrough bleeding".  I like to call it the neverending period.  After we would spend months figuring out a birth control that would control this, my body would laugh and start up all … [Read more...] about What having surgery taught me . . . .

Fixing it up

This is the time of year that we make a list of all the things we would like to do to our house and to our yard. I know that we can't be the only ones who do this. For example, when I was painting the fence for Madison's First Communion (that was May 5th), I realized how bad our fence is. When we first moved here, we put a fence in that March (2006). … [Read more...] about Fixing it up