Tricia’s Musings

One of my daily reads is Tricia's Musings. Tricia currently is working from home due to Crohn's Disease. I know a little more about this than I ever wanted to, since when Bill had food poisoning that is what they first thought he had. I can only imagine what it is like to be that sick all the time. I give her a lot of credit to be able to run the many … [Read more...]

Random Fact for the Day

Who developed the system of electricity we use today?  The answer to that question is not who you think it is.  My first thought would have been Thomas Edison which is wrong. The correct answer is Nikola Tesla.  He is the person who developed the use of alternating current.  Edison, who most of us consider the bearer of electricity, was an advocate of … [Read more...]

NIN Live: Beside You In Time

I finally got a chance to watch my birthday present from my sister: Nine Inch Nails Live - Beside You in Time [Blu-ray] .  I put it on last night and fell asleep halfway through.  However, I have some definate thoughts on what I think of it so far.  My first thought is that Trent needs to grow out his hair again.  I do not like it short at all.  He is way … [Read more...]