Wednesday’s Hero

This post was suggested by Michael Tech Sgt. Charles Coolidge 92 years old from Chattanooga, Tennessee 3rd Battalion, 141st Infantry Regiment, 36th Infantry Division Tech Sgt. Charles Coolidge was born in 1921 in Tennessee, where he still live and works in the family business. In 2006 he was awarded the Légion d'honneur by officials of the French … [Read more...]

Countdown To Christmas: What's Your Red Ball?

Rarely do I come across a book that inspires me just as much as my kids. However, Whats Your Red Ball is that book. This book is like no other book you've ever seen.  It is about how to overcome adversity and find your true passion.  As an adult, we all need to do this too, so this book, while geared at kids, can certainly get you thinking as an adult.  The … [Read more...]

Wednesday’s Hero

Cpl. Lance M. Thompson 21 years old from Upland, Indiana 2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, I Marine Expeditionary Force November 15, 2004 The father of Cpl. Lance Thompson said his son would be proud knowing he fought and died to help Iraqis vote in an election. Cpl. Lance Thompson died in during fighting in Ramadi by a truck … [Read more...]


Do you recognize the two people to the left?  Look very close.  That is what Stephanie and Sportacus from LazyTown really look like!  Hard to believe, I know!  Lazytown is a show on Noggin and Nick Jr. that encourages your kids to get off their butts and be more active!  When asked about the inspiration for the show, Magnus (the shows creator and Sportacus) … [Read more...]