Get Healthy 2008!

My sister and her husband have been able to earn gift certificates though Virgin Health Miles (through their work) over the last year. All they had to do was exercise more to get them! This year they are offering the same program for their friends and family. Bill and I decided to join up. I am hoping that it'll help us to lose a little weight and get a … [Read more...]

What I wish he’d understand . . .

Bill is an expert on all thing electric (you know, on things like ceiling lighting), but he doesn't understand the blogging thing.  It just irritates me that he doesn't listen to what I am saying.  He doesn't understand paid links, contextual links, google pagerank, alexa rank, etc.  When I told him that I average 200 visitors a day (give or take), he got all … [Read more...]


We are back from Green Bay. I feel refreshed. I also need to clarify some things I have said previously on here. My hubby is a pain in the butt for not going to my support group with me, but I understand why he does not want to do. Also, I didn't clarify very well when I said I feel misunderstood. What I meant was that some of my friends and family … [Read more...]