Pointing Fingers Giveaway!

Pointing Fingers pkg

Think you know your friends and family?  Pointing Fingers will show you exactly what you do and what you DON'T know about them!  Each person reads a question from one of the cards, then everyone else writes down how often they've done it on their Truth Meters. One of the questions they asked if is you ever sleepwalked? (I did when I was a kid!) Or have you ...continue reading

Minted Holiday Cards

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Have you mailed out your holiday cards yet? If not, it is getting to be about that time. We are less than 2 weeks from Christmas, and it's time to go those holiday cards out to your friends and family if you are doing cards this year.There are so many ways to pick out the perfect card for your family. I've written in the past about Minted having ...continue reading

Common Questions About Vow Renewals


Most of us have heard of the concept of renewing wedding vows. But, unless you know someone who's done it, or you've been to a renewal ceremony, the details can be a bit foreign. So, if you've been thinking that the idea appeals to you, or even if you're just curious about the concept, here are a few basic tips and answers to common questions about vow ...continue reading

Rug Doctor to the Rescue Giveaway!

Rug Doctor announced on May 1 its newest campaign, “Rug Doctor to the Rescue” (#RDToTheRescue), and the company is partnering with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA®), the leading animal welfare organization in North America, to help bring pets and people together. Through the “Rug Doctor to the Rescue” ...continue reading