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Is That My Cat?

Is That My Cat? is one of my favorite beginning readers books. It is beyond cute with phenomenal illustrations. No frustration for my little ones to read. This book tells the story of a rather large kitty, who used to be a fussy eater, but now can barely fit through the door! You will laugh as you read this! I can only recommend Is That My Cat? … [Read more...] about Is That My Cat?

Good week, good times, New York Times

Last week was a pretty good week.  My week started off with an email from a New York Times reporter wanted to interview regarding a post I wrote about Amazon's frustration free packaging.  Once I picked myself up off the floor, I emailed him back and told him it was okay to call.  I had a great conversation with their technology reporter, and I went on my … [Read more...] about Good week, good times, New York Times

Bluehost Woes

I am seriously upset/angry/frustrated, and I am not sure what other emotions I am feeling either (and no this isn't about those cicadas that have decided to leave their casings on our swing sets). Instead, this is a post about my hosting company. I have talked a lot of great things about Bluehost. They have always done right by me until now.  I sat through … [Read more...] about Bluehost Woes

Jon & Kate Plus 8

This show is on over at Discovery Channel. It is about a family who has two sets of multiples. They actually have a set of 6 year old twins and I think the sextuplets are three now. This show is about their life. I love it, because you get to see the real life of them. You see the fights. You see the frustration Kate feels with the kids everyday. You … [Read more...] about Jon & Kate Plus 8