Why Daddy Isn’t Allowed to Put Sunscreen On Anymore

I guess he should have just given him a couple of pens to run around and color the house with too! Actually, I was not too upset with the mohawk (I think it is cute too!), but that he did it with sunscreen.  Gel is a whole lot cheaper than sunscreen dear!  I can't wait to try and get that all out of his hair! ...continue reading


I am doing laundry right now and trying to figure out what I should pack for the Pampers Event. I only need a change of clothes and pajamas. I am still trying to figure out if I should pack some jewelry or not. My biggest struggle is whether or not I should check my luggage.  Clothes wise, not an issue.  However, I have lots of stuff that is over 3 oz like ...continue reading

Walgreens Shave Gel Extra Moisturizing

In remodeling our bathroom, Bill's normal shaving gel grew legs and walked off. We still have not found it. Since Bill need new gel and he was being lazy, he just ran down the street to Walgreens to pick some more up. He ended up with the Walgreens brand, because it was the least expensive. Surprisingly, he loves it! This gel gives him a closer shave than ...continue reading