Kodak Gallery

I won a contest a while from Andrew over at The BenSpark.  I actually won second place, but since I kicked some major butt at his comment end of the contest, he upped the gift certificate I won to $25.  I have been holding onto my prize until now.  I have order my Christmas cards from the Kodak Gallery in the past and was happy with their work.  Now that I … [Read more...]


I cannot believe that it is time to put our Christmas lists together. I am really wondering what to put on the kids' lists. Since the recalls, I am not sure what is safe anymore. Who knew that a volcano vaporizer is safer than a Mattel toy? Isn't that crazy? Bill has no idea what he wants. I want a vacuum/sweeper/mop thing for hardwood floors. I think … [Read more...]

What’s Been Happening In My Life

Sorry, I haven't been around for a while. Here's what's been happening: First, we found out that I was pregnant. Then I miscarried a week later. Its been a rough road. I have had good days and I have more bad days. It sucks. I'll take any advice of how to move on from here. I have graduated from crying myself to sleep every night. So I am making … [Read more...]