The Nutcracker in 3D Giveaway!

Nutcracker Box

Can you believe that except for The Nutcracker there are no holiday themed movies this Thanksgiving? From the imagination of acclaimed Russian director Andrei Konchalovsky, the cherished story of The Nutcracker will be brought to life in spectacular 3D this holiday season. THE NUTCRACKER IN 3D follows nine-year-old Mary (Elle Fanning) whose dull Viennese … [Read more...]

Join My Spark E Crew!

Wall-E was all about changing the world one piece of trash at a time. Well, Spark-E is all about changing the world one blog at a time. I have seen how blogs can truly change things for people, and I want you to be a part of that. I was one of ten awesome bloggers that were chosen to be part of an exciting adventure for 2009 from As an insider, I … [Read more...]

Bookmarking Meets Social Networking Meets Knowledge

Every so often you come across a service that really fits into your life. Diigo is that for me. I never understood what the excitement was over sites like delicious. I never saw any practical use for it. However, I see many uses for Diigo. A big one for me is how you are able to use it as a research and knowledge tool and how it will allow me to be more … [Read more...]