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Hi Ho Hi Ho Its Off To The Dr Office We Go

Well, last night Madison tripped in her room and clocked her chin against her bed rail. All I know is that first I heard thud and then she cried. Bill was right behind her and said her legs went out from under her. I thought she just had a little cut, so I calmed her down and got her to go back to bed. This morning I looked at it again. She still had the … [Read more...] about Hi Ho Hi Ho Its Off To The Dr Office We Go

I think I am going to die

That is how bad I feel right now.  I woke up at 1 am this morning to the worst pain I have ever had.  This pain is probably the equivalent of having a baby or a kidney stone (both of which I have had).  The worse part -- it is in my breast.  (warning:  body parts conversation about to ensue).  I pumped at 1 and cried the entire time (and anyone who know me … [Read more...] about I think I am going to die


Well, today was interesting. Madison decided to get up at around 2 am wanting juice and to be rocked. Still not sure why. Wouldn't go back to bed either. I ended up putting her in bed with Bill and me. And she dozed till Bill had to get up for work. She was not happy about Bill getting up and leaving either. However, she did go potty for him. I also … [Read more...] about Today