The Basement Remodel — Waterproofing

I snuck downstairs while they were on break today to see the progress that was being made.  Here are couple of pictures of what it looks like when they need to install drainage tile in your basement: It doesn't look like much, but I have been listening to jackhammering all morning.  Tomorrow, they are suppose to be finishing the job, so we should have … [Read more...]

Can somebody please help?

I think I will go insane.  Something is wrong with Will.  I think this started Wednesday already.  His face broke out with a rash on Wednesday.  I have been putting Nystatin on it and by Thursday morning the majority of it went away.  However, he has been throwing up big time.  Here's where it gets fun since you don't know what is real throw up and what is … [Read more...]

Will’s Doctor’s Appointment

Well, we got some good news tonight!  He got his shots, and they did not hear any wheezing.  However, every time he gets sick, we will have to closely monitor him and possibly give him breathing treatments again.  I can deal with that. When he got his shots, first he would scream.  Then Madison screamed.  He had 4 shots and this repeated itself 4 times.  … [Read more...]