Are You Ready For Some Football?

With football season upon us, it is time to get into the football frame of mind. That being said, Madison needs new sheets. Somehow she managed to wear a hole into her comforter, and she has two holes in her sheets. Now, I'm not sure if she did the damage to her sheets or if was the dryer.Now, we are football fans at my house. We watch a lot of ...continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: Go Pack Go

My kids at The Green Bay Packers Family Night: ...continue reading

Sports Day!

Tomorrow is a crazy day for both my kids (and it just worked out that way which is what makes it all the more unique).  Will got a note sent home telling me that Friday was going to be sports day.  The kids could wear anything related to sports.  Well, since Will is 3, we really don't have him involved in too many sports (I don't think swim counts, and I ...continue reading

Go Pack Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My yard:Needless to say, I'm excited right now! ...continue reading