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Green Bay

Holiday Gifts: NFL Fan Style

As many of you may know, I live in the suburbs of Chicago. However, I am a die-hard Green Bay fan. I grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin. You can walk to Lambeau Field from my parents house (and yes, I've done it many times). Now, I live in a house divided. My husband was raised here in Chicago, so he's a Chicago Bears fan. My daughter is a Bears fan also. … [Read more...] about Holiday Gifts: NFL Fan Style

Bliss in a Box

I moved 7 times before I was in second grade, so needless to say I'm an experienced mover. As an adult, I moved from Green Bay to Burbank, IL, Burank to Aurora, IL and then Aurora back to Burbank when we sold our house. We ended up for about a month having to live out of my in-laws garage. (Who knew my entire house fit into a 3 car garage?) Now, I'm not … [Read more...] about Bliss in a Box

Smart Cart

As I get ready to go to Green Bay, I have to tell you about the Smart Cart. The Smart Cart weighs less than 3 lbs empty and folds to only 2? tall! It is definitely something you can easily put away when not in use (and great to leave in your trunk for grocery trips without it taking up your entire trunk!). The weight capacity is 110 lbs., but you would … [Read more...] about Smart Cart