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Hair Today, Gone In A Few Hours

What is your hair nightmare? I mean, seriously, I live in Chicago, so hat head seems to be something that we are all having an issue with. :) Ok, much more seriously, I have several hair issues. First, since being diagnosed with Hashimotos, my hair has been thinning (however, now that I am on medicine that seems to be slowing down).  Other issues I have are … [Read more...] about Hair Today, Gone In A Few Hours

IsoBeauty Flat Iron

One of the other great products that I saw at the International Housewares Show has to be the Iso Beauty flat iron that I bought. I'll be honest -- up until recently, I never had used a flat iron. Heck, I didn't even know they existed.  However, they had a booth at the Housewares show and my friends that I was with wanted to check them out.  They … [Read more...] about IsoBeauty Flat Iron

Home From BlogHer

My goal was to blog from BlogHer.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to due to the internet working and my huge lack of sleep.  I have had a great time, and I have lots of great information and pictures I'll be passing on.  I slept maybe 15 hours while it was going on, so needless to say my brain isn't working (more than normal LOL).  After I get some sleep, I am … [Read more...] about Home From BlogHer


This contest is over. Congrats to Dree and Erin Walsh! If you want a great stocking stuffer for a person who has pets, the FurBuster is just what you need.  This is the only professional grade grooming tool that has interchangeable blades. Pet owners can groom both cats and dogs with the FurBuster.  Trips to groomers can easily cost $45 or more; wouldn't … [Read more...] about FurBuster