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Weird Coincidences

This is just weird -- really not too scary. When I got married, my mom was sad because her mom (my grandmother) could not be there.  (I was in 7th grade when she died.)  When it came to the point in the ceremony to light the unity candle, Bill and I did so.  We went to blow out our tapers and somehow blew out the unity candle.  Yes, everyone in church … [Read more...] about Weird Coincidences

Womanly Things

This post is going to be complaining about womanly things that with be referred to as Flo (you know, the waitress from the game Diner Dash). I just wanted to warn the faint of heart before I begin. Do you know what having a baby does to your hormones? If not, let me explain. It completely throws them out of wack. Why do I say that? Well, after having … [Read more...] about Womanly Things

Washing Machine

I have a very weird thing happening with my washing machine.  First, let me tell you that I don't know how old it is.  We've been in this house 2 years, and it came with the house.  We replaced the dryer in the fall due to it not working.  Ok, here's my problem: Random clothes are getting blotches of color.  For example, I went to switch the load into the … [Read more...] about Washing Machine

Birthday Party

Madison is invited to her first birthday party tomorrow.  It is for the twin girls who live across the street from me.  They are turning 5.  How do I know if I am suppose to stay for this party or if I am suppose to go home for the 2 hours it is happening? Also, I think my gift may be a little cheesy.  I got the girls Cabbage Patch Kids twins.  They each … [Read more...] about Birthday Party