Who’s In The Tree?

Who's in the Tree?: and Other Lift-the-Flap Surprises is a book all kids will love. All you have to do is lift the large flaps, follow the romping rhyme, and find each face that's out of place. An elephant in the sky? A peacock in the sea? Are creatures hiding where they shouldn't be? You will go from the desert to the forest to the ocean deep and to the ...continue reading

Review: uKloo

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 9.28.52 AM

uKloo is a new game out there for kids learning to read. It was invented by a mom to help her child get over his fear of reading. uKloo is great for kinesthetic (hands on) learners. It offers physical exercise and helps build confidence. It also promotes independent learning and play. You as the parent get to choose how many cards to use, which cards to ...continue reading

Review: Sir Silly: The World Where Words Play

Sir Silly- The World Where Words play

Sir Silly: The World Where Words Play is a book that will make you smile every single time you read it. It is a compilation of silly poems that will make your kids laugh. A few of them might even make you laugh! The poems pretty much rhyme and made it an easier read for my 6 year old. It is all about making fun out of having fun--and sometimes being funny ...continue reading

Wild Kratts: Wildest Animal Adventures

What better way to learn about cool creatures and science than to go on an around the world adventure with Martin and Chris Kratt!  In this new set, featuring 20 episodes (yes, I said 20 episodes!) full of adventure, mystery and laugh-out-loud-comedy, kids will learn about natural history and witness many never-before seen wildlife moments.  From discovering ...continue reading