If you have read this blog over the last couple of years, you'll know that I have had severe hormonal issues after the birth's of my children. One of the ways I handled it was blogging about, because I often times felt like I was the only one dealing with these types of issues. What I didn't know was that there many other women out there with the same issues. ...continue reading

Mandatory Disclosure: Doesn’t Apply To The New York Times

If you are a blogger, I know you are going "WHAT??!!??"  I know I was when I got my hands on this story.  I personally don't care for the New York Times.  I'm sick and tired of them making mommy bloggers look like money grubbing idiots.  I have to admit that it is nice when the tables get turned on them.  I know you have to be asking "what ...continue reading

Cold, Seasonal Flu & H1N1 Symptoms

h1n1 chart

I got this great chart to help you decipher what sickness is going around in your house. As a mom, I am freaking out about H1N1, and this really helps to figure out what's going on.  (That being said, always make sure you call your doctor for the proper medical care). ...continue reading

Health Insurance PSA

I'm not normally a big fan of Will Ferrell, but I do have to say I enjoyed this little healthcare PSA. Protect Insurance Companies PSA from Will Ferrell What do you think? Pretty much sums up what is going on? ...continue reading