Nancy Drew Labyrinth Of Lies

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Calling all Nancy Drew fans! Nancy Drew: Labyrinth of Lies has been released and is a must get game!  A museum curator hires you to assist with the most anticipated event of the year, but artifacts from the exhibit are mysteriously disappearing. Are these mishaps connected to the amphitheater’s upcoming performance? Or is an unseen villain pulling … [Read more...]

Spot The Animals

What's hiding there? This charming novelty book, created with the experts at the American Museum of Natural History, is an irresistible first-concept book, combining colors and animals. Peek-a-boo holes in the flaps reveal a bit of a brightly hued creature hiding underneath, making a fun guessing game for preschoolers. Readers can lift the flaps to discover … [Read more...]

Are You Ready For Some Football?

With football season upon us, it is time to get into the football frame of mind. That being said, Madison needs new sheets. Somehow she managed to wear a hole into her comforter, and she has two holes in her sheets. Now, I'm not sure if she did the damage to her sheets or if was the dryer. Now, we are football fans at my house. We watch a lot of … [Read more...]

CobraCo Cauldron Solid Copper Hose Holder and Lid Set

Up until last week, this is what I had for a hose holder. It wasn't pretty. Actually, it was quite messy. And ugly. Don't let me forget ugly. That is why I happily reviewed the CobraCo Cauldron Solid Copper Hose Holder and Lid Set. The CobraCo Cauldron Solid Copper Hose Holder and Lid Set adds a touch of real copper to any backyard decor. This hose holder … [Read more...]