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holiday weekend

10 Reasons You Must Watch Jessica Jones #streamteam

I was going to write about what you should be watching today on Thanksgiving.  Instead, I'm going to tell you to binge watch Jessica Jones, because it is my new favorite guilty pleasure.  Jessica Jones is Netflix's newest series, and it is absolutely amazing. They have done an awesome job with this unlikely superhero.  Here are a few reasons … [Read more...] about 10 Reasons You Must Watch Jessica Jones #streamteam

Spending Memorial Day With Netflix #StreamTeam

With a long holiday weekend upon us, we will definitely be having a few movie nights here! We may have a full day of movies on Saturday as a family! We'll also be watching some of the Netflix exclusive TV shows (no kids for these) like House of Cards and Grace and Frankie.  Grace and Frankie is Netflix's new funny and fearless original comedy … [Read more...] about Spending Memorial Day With Netflix #StreamTeam

Changes – #NSNation Update – Week 18

After a crazy holiday weekend, I have a video and a post for you all! (Please forgive the sweaty hot look I've got going. It's been almost a hundred today again, and I spent the day running around to different stores.) The cool thing that the video shows is that the shorts I bought today were a size 16. When I started my Nutrisystem journey, I was … [Read more...] about Changes – #NSNation Update – Week 18

Having Fun

I recently had the opportunity to review a S107G Mini Gyro.  In plain English, it is a remote controlled helicopter.  While the review is over on Lisa Reviews, I wanted to talk about it over here too just due to the amount of fun my kids and our family has had with it.  It is oftentimes hard to find something that interests everyone.  The S107G Mini Gyro does … [Read more...] about Having Fun