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Regardless to how you feel about the wars we are in, I know that most of us support the troops. We all have different ways to show it too. I know many people send care packages to those overseas. One of those people that I like to help is Mrs. Jacky. She is a teacher at our local Park District, and she collects donations to send to our local soldiers. She … [Read more...] about sendCheer

Memory Foam Express

Nothing is worse than a bad mattress.  I know that from experience.  Your back hurts, you are not getting a good night's rest, and this can effect every facet of your life.  I always like staying in hotels, because their beds seem to be so much softer and nicer than the one at have a home! Once of the easiest things you can do is shop for a new mattress. … [Read more...] about Memory Foam Express

Thank you all!

Its been a rough week or so at my house. Honestly, I think I would have preferred being at some vegas hotels than be here. I have to thank you all for your kind words, thoughts, and prayers. It does actually mean a lot to me. I also have to give Elizabeth from Table4Five a shout out. She offered to drive to my house (which is around 5-6 hours from … [Read more...] about Thank you all!


Discovery Channel has struck gold again with their show Survivorman.  This is one of Bill and mine favorite shows out there.  It is about Les Stroud he gets dropped off in all sorts of situations that he a week to find his way out of.  He is left with a few supplies that normal people would have if they were lost in the wilderness.  He has no crew and has 50 … [Read more...] about Survivorman