Tiny Prints 50 Christmas or Holiday Cards Giveaway!


I adore Tiny Prints. They make awesome holiday/Christmas card (and I've used them for other occassions also). They never disappoint which is why I am completely loving the fact that I get to introduce them to you!  They literally have every kind of card you could want!But first I need to tell you about their promotion that they are doing ONLY today.  You ...continue reading

Pacific Shaving Company

I am not a person who uses shaving gels or creams when I shave my legs in the shower. I use good old fashioned water. I am usually in hurry, and most of the stuff out there makes me break out in hives (the joys of being allergic to life itself).  I recently tried the All Natural Shaving Oil.  Yes, that little bottle will last you close to 100 shaves.  You ...continue reading

Tornado Warning

What do you do when the sirens go off?  We had it happen tonight and I rushed everyone in the basement.  Bill was in no hurry to go, so I had a fit.  His response was that I was overreacting.  Well, to me, sirens going off mean that there was a tornado spotted and get your butt downstairs.What do you do? ...continue reading