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Kids and Hardwood Floors

I have just one more installment of my Vegas trip to still write up, but we have a small issue at my house that I am trying to figure out. Except for our bedrooms, my entire house is hardwood floors. They look great. However, they are not great for children. Madison has slipped several times already. We had the "I think she broke her nose" incident a … [Read more...] about Kids and Hardwood Floors

Blogworld Day 2 – Evening

After the Mark Cuban speech, I went back to my hotel and dropped all of my stuff off (basically, I had another entire bag of free swag). A bunch of bloggers were planning to meet at the Bellagio, so I had a little bit of time to catch the monorail and head over there. We met for the picture (which I need somebody to send me a copy of) and did a bit of … [Read more...] about Blogworld Day 2 – Evening


I have finally figured out what to make the kids for Halloween. I am going to get these halloween costumes for the kids. Madison is going to be Supergirl: I am also going to make Will Superman: I am thinking that this should be pretty cute which is pretty much why I chose them. I can't decide if going with the same theme costume is cheesy or … [Read more...] about Halloween

Personalized books

Do want a great present for a child that you never know what to get? I think I found the perfect gift: personalized childrens books. I just ordered one of these books for Madison, and I love it. I am still deciding whether or not to give it to her now or wait till Christmas or wait till her birthday in January. I had to give them a little information … [Read more...] about Personalized books