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I love my bed

Now that I have had my new bed for about a week I can honestly say that I love it. It may not be a foam mattress, but it still is awesome. I love not waking up with a backache each and every morning. That alone makes it worth it. It is nice when Bill climbs into bed I don't automatically roll over into him. I also am not getting a backache when Madison … [Read more...] about I love my bed

Wine Of The Month

Look what I have here: We just got some wine delivered from Gold Medal this week. They have a great wine of the month club that you can join. I'll be honest, we are not huge wine drinkers at my house, so I will be unable to give you a play by play of how exactly it tasted. I just know good or bad. In my opinion, this wine is good. We had both a … [Read more...] about Wine Of The Month

Dish Network

A month or so ago, we decided to change from DirecTV to Dish Network. For the same amount of money, we could get a lot more stations. They also offered some great packages, and you are allowed to change your package at any time without having to renew your contract. It isn't like buying condos for sale. You are allowed to change your mind. They have some … [Read more...] about Dish Network

Dirty Sexy Money

**Spoiler Alert - If you haven't seen this week's show** Honestly, this was one of the best episodes ever.  We found out which Darling kid wasn't Trip's.  I figured it was Brian, and I was right!!!  This will change everything!!  I recently heard that the network picked them up for more episodes, and I am so excited.  I figured they wouldn't make it Karen, … [Read more...] about Dirty Sexy Money