In 1956, a twenty-one-year-old singer named Elvis Presley was at the beginning of his remarkable career. Alfred Wertheimer, a young New York photojournalist, was asked by Elvis’s new label, RCA Victor, to photograph their new artist. In the course of his one-day assignment for RCA, Wertheimer was struck by the stunningly photogenic performer and felt … [Read more...]

Top 5 Things To Do With Your Old Christmas Cards

Even though it's 107 degrees out today, I can think about Christmas in July. It makes the fact that I can't get my house below 80 degrees all the more bearable.  That being said, what do you do with your old Christmas cards?  You know, the ones you aren't using anymore.  Whether you got your cards from Storkie or from the store, there is just so much you can … [Read more...]

Five Rubber Duckies

Five Rubber Duckies is a book in my house that gets read often. It is just as popular with Will (my one year old) as with Madison (my 4 year old). Will enjoys the books for several reasons. First, he likes the duckies. The pages aren't like normal book pages; they are half pages with ducks on top. The pages are thick cardboard, so even if he chews on … [Read more...]

Rocketfish USB Laptop Cooling Stand

I don't often products that I fall in love with the first day I have them. However, it was love at first sight with this laptop cooling stand.  I spend a lot of time on my laptop, and anyone who has a laptop knows how hot they get on the bottom.  I actually have a burn mark from my laptop on my leg (and yes I am serious, I really do).  I have been trying to … [Read more...]