Rain, rain, go away

I thought we left the crappy weather in Chicago. However, it looks like we brought it with us. I have been up since 4 am, but I wanted to post that we made it here! I love it! Our hotel is nicer than my house. I took a few pictures for you all.Here's the kitchen:The dining area:The living room:Our bedroom:And lastly, ...continue reading

Everbody Update

Madison has been fever free all day now!!!! Yeah!!!! She started doing better yesterday, and she is back to herself 100% now. In the sickness of the last couple of days, I also forgot to mention that Will cut his top two teeth. That means, he has 2 on the bottom and two coming in on the top. Woo hoo!!!Since everyone is doing well at this point, that ...continue reading

Satellite Internet

There are several ways to get internet into your house nowadays. Some of the ways that first come to mind like DSL or not always available everywhere. I know that is hard to believe, but my cousin lives in an area that her only choice is dial up (which really isn't a choice) and Satellite Internet (which is 30 times faster than dial up). This is really a no ...continue reading

What’s been happening – Part III

So hopefully you had a chance to read Part I and Part II.The fact that Madison needs glasses now made me upset. I am not sure why. I called Bill crying (which if you know me -- I don't cry). I am much better about the whole situation, but I am still not sure about why I reacted the way I did.So, I have been an emotional wreck (which is so unlike ...continue reading