Countdown To Christmas: The Gift Guide RoundUp

I know, its been crazy here.  I've written reviews on a lot of great Christmas gifts.  However, I am finding that people are having a hard time navigating some of the older reviews, so I thought I would be a roundup so you know what to buy for Christmas! I'll be doing a couple more of these between now and Christmas to help you with your gift giving! Each … [Read more...]

Countdown to Christmas: Smart Mom Jewelry

All the moms out there can tell you what it is like to wear jewelry and have little ones who are constantly trying to chew on it or stick it in their mouths.  Often times, it is more frustrating than its worth, so we don't wear jewelry at all.  I find that Will, even at 17 months, still tries to put my necklaces in his mouth.  This is where Teething Bling … [Read more...]

Pooh Counts

Pooh Counts is a book that we received when Madison was little. She still plays with it and so does Will! The pages are made of cardboard, so they are definitely tough and can withstand children.  As you can see from the picture, there are beads going across the top.  Each page of the this story is about the Winnie The Pooh characters going to pick … [Read more...]