Christmas Concert Pictures

When taking pictures yesterday, I found that Bill took some pictures at Madison's concert too.  So here you go mom and Kari!   Now, we will go back to my regular posting schedule.  Madison doesn't go back to preschool till after the first of the year, so wish me luck at keeping my sanity! … [Read more...]

NIN Live: Beside You In Time

I finally got a chance to watch my birthday present from my sister: Nine Inch Nails Live - Beside You in Time [Blu-ray] .  I put it on last night and fell asleep halfway through.  However, I have some definate thoughts on what I think of it so far.  My first thought is that Trent needs to grow out his hair again.  I do not like it short at all.  He is way … [Read more...]

I’m back

So Kari's wedding was a success. Nothing horrible happened; no passing out, no tripping, etc. I am glad to be home though. I only had to through about 300 emails yesterday to catch up. My Lia Sophia party will be June 13. Let me know if any of you want to order anything and I'll send you the link. Not much to do today except for the laundry that … [Read more...]

Adding content

So I am adding a little more substance to my blog. You'll now see more of my views on things. I find it more interesting. And so do others as some email I have received. :) For those who don't know, I am a test tester for a local newspaper and I write an article once a month for them. My first article gets printed tommorrow. Woo … [Read more...]