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Christmas Velvet Art

We are huge Klutz fans, so needless to say that their Christmas Velvet Art book was a huge hit in my house.  The great thing with this book is that it comes with 6 markers and the velvet art designs include cards, ornaments, and gift tags.  This is truly like no other book you've seen.  Both of my kids can use this book since the velvet doesn't … [Read more...] about Christmas Velvet Art

Hall Of Fame Toy Pack

Remember all of the coolest toys we played with when we were kids? The Hall Of Fame Toy Pack brings them back for our kids!  My kids love the Slinky and we've got a great set of stairs to play with it on!  The yo-yo hasn't clocked anyone in the head yet even though Madison hasn't quite figured out how to make the yo-yo work.  However, the silly putty was a … [Read more...] about Hall Of Fame Toy Pack

My Little Polar Bear

My Little Polar Bear is a great story for old and young alike. This story not only introduces your kids to polar bears, but also shows them a great parent/child relationship. The story is about a mother polar bear teaching her child (just like we teach our children about ourselves and the world). This is a great bedtime story, since the colors in this … [Read more...] about My Little Polar Bear

Busytown Mysteries!

We recently were introduced to a new cartoon that is on CBS called Busytown Mysteries. It's based on the characters from the works of Richard Scarry (who has sold over 150 million copies of his books over the last 40 years!).  The program is about 20 minutes long and shows 2 eleven minute stories.  The stories revolve around Huckle Cat and Lowly … [Read more...] about Busytown Mysteries!