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Why you shouldn’t talk to the police without a lawyer present

If you are not guilty, you should talk to the police, right?  Wrong!  By watching these two videos that I embedded below, I learned how the police can manipulate what you say and find you guilty of something you may have done!  They are long, but very interesting to see the police tactics.  This talk was given at a law school (I think).  This first video is … [Read more...] about Why you shouldn’t talk to the police without a lawyer present

Devil's Advocate

Devils Advocate is one my favorite all time movies. This movie is about the choices we make and how they can effect every aspect of our lives. It is amazing how something as simple as buying cabinet knobs can change the outcome of someone's life, but it is true. Devils Advocate has an all star cast with Al Pacino, Keanu Reeves, and Charlize Theron. The … [Read more...] about Devil's Advocate

Cities Of The Underworld

This was an awesome show we caught tonight on The History Channel. The city they featured tonight was Chicago. Some of the things they went over we already knew (like they split the first atom under a football field here). However, we learned about an underground railroad that use to deliver goods to the department stores in the 20's. They even showed us … [Read more...] about Cities Of The Underworld

Dirty Jobs

The Discovery Channel has another great show that I have to tell you about. It is called Dirty Jobs. This show is great since the whole family can watch it. The premise is pretty easy -- people write in with the "dirty job" they have. Mike Rowe, the host, goes to their job site and does their dirty job for a day. It is amazing, because there are so many … [Read more...] about Dirty Jobs