The Lego Movie Giveaway #TheLEGOMovie

I should have called this post Everything Is Awesome instead! (If you have seen The Lego Movie, you will totally get that reference!).  Did you know that The Lego Movie is out on DVD now?  This is one of those movies that the whole family will love!  As an adult, I can honest say I love The Lego Movie as much as my kids do!   The … [Read more...]

The LEGO Adventure Book, Vol. 2: Spaceships, Pirates, Dragons & More!

The LEGO Adventure Book, Vol. 2: Spaceships, Pirates, Dragons & More! is an awesome book for all your Lego fans out there. The latest installment of this series of books takes readers on an exciting tour of fun new themes, visiting worlds filled with pirates, dragons, and spaceships. You get to visit LEGO built cities, a movie set, a pirate hideaway, a … [Read more...]

Lego Space

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 1.50.39 AM

Most science fiction authors weave their stories with words. Lego Space use Legos instead. In the full-color, gorgeous LEGO Space photographs of intricate LEGO models tell a tale of exploration and intrigue that's sure to inspire science fiction fans and LEGO enthusiasts of all ages. This book is crammed with custom models of sleek starships, cool … [Read more...]

A Netflix like service for Lego’s! #FREE first month

Pleygo is a Net-Flix like service for Legos!  Subscribe, rent, play, and exchange sets of LEGOs unlimited times per month.  Shipping is always free both ways and sets are sanitized when returned.  We offer a convenient, quick, and inexpensive solution that relieves clutter and saves space at home while saving money.  Co-Founded by influential parenting … [Read more...]