Limited Edition Carmex Moisture Plus Giveaway!

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I know you have all heard of Carmex. We love Carmex here because it does exactly what it is suppose to -- it keeps your lip moisturizer. No chapped lips here! That's why I was excited to tell you all about the Limited Edition Carmex Moisture Plus line of Carmex that is out right now. The Limited Edition Collection highlights the trendier side of Carmex. … [Read more...]

Multipet International Dog Toys

I swear our dog has just as many of toys as the kids somedays.  :)  I know I can't be the only one who feels like that.  However, that being said, my puppy does like some great dog toys to play with. Let's start with the Migrator. Looks like a duck with no hunting required.  It has a squeeker in the inside, so your dog (especially your hunting dogs will … [Read more...]

Countdown To Christmas: Skoodlez

Another affordable toy out there on the markets this year can be purchased at Macy's. At $14.99, Skoodlez makes a great toy for your kids or a grab bag, and can be given to kids 4 - 12. The stuffed animal has weighed down hands and feet, so you can easy pose them and hang them.  The cool part is that there is a coin handing around the stuffed animals neck.  … [Read more...]