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Do you need a display?

Now that I have pretty much quit selling lia sophia, I come across a site that I could have certainly used. Why? Potomac Display sells all sorts of jewelry displays to use when you are doing shows. I saw several displays that would have worked well when I was doing my lia sophia shows. This site is one of the most comprehensive ones that have all the … [Read more...] about Do you need a display?

Home Based Business Help

Having run what I would basically call a consultant business out of my house for the last several years, I know how difficult it can be. I do not have a "tangible" product, and I have hit some snags along the way too. My own personal issues have more to do with a life/work balance, but I definitely can use help with other aspects too. You definitely need … [Read more...] about Home Based Business Help


Well, this is what tomorrow today looks like for me: Madison -- dentist -- 9:30 Will - chiropractor -- 12:00 I also want to get the house picked up, and I want to sort my lia sophia stuff.  I have somebody who wants to buy some of my stuff off me.  I just have to get it together.  I also would love to ge to bed before midnight.  That would be nice.  … [Read more...] about Friday

Charity and Business

I got a call from one of my customers last week about donating some lia sophia items to her church raffle.  She had booked a show last November from me and is going to do one again this November.  (She is also the sister-in-law of Bill's cousin, so I kind of knew her before the show).  With the donated items (one was a ring and the other was a bracelet), I … [Read more...] about Charity and Business