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Lisa Reviews


Ever have one of those weeks? I started off the week getting sick. It hurt to breath but otherwise I felt fine (besides being a little worn out). Well, that is over. Now, I'm fully sick. Sore throat and a runny nose. Joy. At least I don't feel as if a bunch of construction equipment has parked on my chest. We also had some gutter covering company come out … [Read more...] about TGIF

Countdown To Christmas: Cugolino

This is another unique toy from Oh! Toys.  I think my husband was just as excited to play with this as Madison.  This too is for ages 3 and up.  However, this does come with marbles, so if you have kids younger than three, you need to be very careful (the rule here is that Madison can't play with this unless Will is napping). Again, this is another toy that … [Read more...] about Countdown To Christmas: Cugolino