Sid The Science Kid: Everybody Move Your Feet

I had no idea that Sid The Science Kid had expanded into books until recently.  We are huge Sid The Science Kid fans.  Sid has a way to entrance both my 6 yr old and my 2 yr old.Sid The Science Kid:  Everybody Move Your Feet is a great book.  May is National Physical Fitness Month and this book is about getting up and moving around!  Sid wants to sit and ...continue reading

The Ugly Duckling

Do you remember this story from when we were kids?  The Ugly Duckling is a story about a duck who doesn't look like the other ducks.  However, one day the duckling discovers who he really is.  This book tells the story just like I remember it.  However, I've never seen such great illustrations for this story before.  You can easily tell the story from the ...continue reading

Reach for The Stars

Do you know anyone about to embark on a life journey? Graduating from school? A new job? If so, Reach for the Stars is a must get book for them.  This book is about taking a journey, what you may come across along the way, and how you will overcome.  It's a book with a great message to both kids and adults alike.  The illustrations are simple, but still ...continue reading

Diamond Jim Dandy and the Sheriff

My husband hates snakes which is why I think my kids like this book so much. As you can probably tell, Diamond Jim Dandy and the Sheriff is about a rattlesnake and a little town.  The sheriff tries to run a friendly snake out of town, but he (the snake) turns around and saves the day.  This  is a great story about not judging a book by its ...continue reading