You’re The Icing on My Cake

Elizabeth over at Table4Five is giving this really cute little badge out to all her readers. She doesn't want to forget anybody, so she put this up for anyone who wants it since all her readers rock! I think this is such a cute idea.  Make sure if you want one of these for your blog, you head over there. Hmm, this is making me hungry.  LOL … [Read more...]

Christmas Parties

Bill is at his third holiday/Christmas party for work.  Yes, I repeat third.  Oh, but this gets better.  I have not been invited to any of them.  Actually, none of the wives have.  Now, I swear I am not whining, but 3 parties that the wives aren't invited to is a little bit over the top.  He tells me he has to go to all these parties.  Its good for … [Read more...]

Blogworld Day 2 – Evening

After the Mark Cuban speech, I went back to my hotel and dropped all of my stuff off (basically, I had another entire bag of free swag). A bunch of bloggers were planning to meet at the Bellagio, so I had a little bit of time to catch the monorail and head over there. We met for the picture (which I need somebody to send me a copy of) and did a bit of … [Read more...]


I decided not to listen to Will's doctor, and I started him on cereal tonight. He is only a week from being 4 months. I am still looking for a pen, so I can write this down. He did awesome. No choking at all. There is a couple of reasons why I did it. First, his doctor had me giving it to him in his bottle, so he does have some experience with it.  … [Read more...]