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We had a very interesting episode at my house this morning.  Will had a little diaper accident that ended up all over my living room floor (and let's say it wasn't pee!).  Not only did it smell, it was stuck to the floor (I know, I know TMI, but I could have taken pictures!) What does a mother do when incidents like this (and yes all mothers have at least … [Read more...] about PineSol

Kids Fishing Pole Sets

I am not ready to let Madison (my 4 year old) use a real fishing pole yet. Right now, I envision many hospital trips if she had one. However, we have several magnetic fishing pole sets, and they are awesome. Basically, she goes fishing in my living room almost on a daily basis. She spends several hours catching her fish and then throwing them out back on … [Read more...] about Kids Fishing Pole Sets

Think good thoughts . . .

Is what I am trying to do that right now. We just finished Christmas shopping this afternoon and had stayed up till midnight wrapping presents (we aren't done yet either). My freaking out right now probably has more to do with my lack of sleep than anything. My house is still in one piece (kinda) and everybody is okay, so I should be happy. Last years … [Read more...] about Think good thoughts . . .

My New Flooring

I know. It isn't Pergo or anything. However, it was much cheaper than Pergo! Can you guess what kind of flooring we now have in the living room? Here's what it looks like: Yes, we have a foam floor down over our hardwood floor. I now can lay Will down, and he can play on the floor again. He roles from one side of the room to the other. Every so … [Read more...] about My New Flooring