One, Two, AH-CHOO! Giveaway

Richard Scarry's Readers (Level 2): One, Two, AH-CHOO! (Richard Scarry's Great Big Schoolhouse) is another great book for the beginning reader. The story is that Sally Cat has a cold. One, two, AH-CHOO! Mr. and Mrs. Cat have colds, too, and so does almost everyone at school. It's up to Huckle and Lowly to take care of them all—and that means some messy, ...continue reading

Limited Edition Carmex Moisture Plus Giveaway!

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I know you have all heard of Carmex. We love Carmex here because it does exactly what it is suppose to -- it keeps your lip moisturizer. No chapped lips here! That's why I was excited to tell you all about the Limited Edition Carmex Moisture Plus line of Carmex that is out right now. The Limited Edition Collection highlights the trendier side of Carmex. ...continue reading

Care Bears: The Great Giving Holiday Giveaway!


Come along to Care-a-Lot and join Great Giving Bear, Harmony and all their cuddly Bear friends in this new adventure filled with holiday cheer! Great Giving Day and hibernation are just around the corner...and so is trouble! The unbearable Beastly tries to spoil the holidays, the Great Giving Day Pageant is overrun by a troublemaker and Cheer's helpful nature ...continue reading

Pampers Giveaway!


Pampers, has been making improvements to their trusted diapers to help keep moms happy and their babies dry in the diapers they trust and love. We used Pampers almost exclusively with my kids, because they worked. They kept my kids dry, and they didn't leak. What more could a mom want?Pampers Swaddlers, the #1 choice of hospitals, a trusted favorite of ...continue reading

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