National Pretzel Day with a Sweet Gift & Giveaway


Did you know that the Rold Gold brand has been around since 1917? That means that they have been making delicious pretzels for consumers for decades. Pretzels have now become one of the countries most coveted snacks and just in time for National Pretzel Day on April 26th. The new Rold GoldPretzel Thins has made its debut in the snack aisle in three ...continue reading

Loom Boom Giveaway!

If you have kids, you have Rainbow Loom bracelets all over your house.  How do I know this?  Well, Madison has two containers full of bands to make bracelets plus we had bracelets all over the house.  That's where the Loom Boom comes in!  It is a first-of-its kind product intended to organize, display, transport and share your loom ...continue reading

One, Two, AH-CHOO! Giveaway

Richard Scarry's Readers (Level 2): One, Two, AH-CHOO! (Richard Scarry's Great Big Schoolhouse) is another great book for the beginning reader. The story is that Sally Cat has a cold. One, two, AH-CHOO! Mr. and Mrs. Cat have colds, too, and so does almost everyone at school. It's up to Huckle and Lowly to take care of them all—and that means some messy, ...continue reading

Limited Edition Carmex Moisture Plus Giveaway!

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 4.39.00 PM

I know you have all heard of Carmex. We love Carmex here because it does exactly what it is suppose to -- it keeps your lip moisturizer. No chapped lips here! That's why I was excited to tell you all about the Limited Edition Carmex Moisture Plus line of Carmex that is out right now. The Limited Edition Collection highlights the trendier side of Carmex. ...continue reading