Getting my affairs in order

With my aunt dying a reading about a fellow's bloggers sister-in-laws husband dying (ironically both of lung cancer), it really makes me think about getting my own affairs in order. Otherwise, my family may have to use an inheritance advance place to make sure they have enough money on hand to cover my funeral expenses (they may still have to use it … [Read more...]

The Funeral . . . Rest In Peace Aunt Kay

I am writing this post from my parents house in Green Bay on dialup. I know that you may be wondering why I haven't posted in a couple days. Well, Will's 1st birthday was Saturday, and I will post more about that later. However, I found out on Thursday that my aunt had died after a 14 month battle with lung cancer. We knew it was coming, but it still … [Read more...]

The Important Things In Life

Anyone who follows me on Twitter probably knows that my aunt has not been good for some time now.  She has lung cancer that she has been battling (she also has diabetes and has had breast cancer in the past).  My mom did see her a couple of weeks back, and she was doing really well.  Therefore, I was super surprised when I got a phone call yesterday from my … [Read more...]