Take-Out is an exciting numbered dice game that reminds you of the old "shut the box" game but without the big, bulky box. Can you remove all the numbered dice for a score of zero? The game is super easy to play.First, the starting player rolls all 12 dice. The total number of dots on the white dice need to be removed from the red ones. (for example, if ...continue reading

Brainy Baby Giveaway!

The holiday season is swiftly approaching and if you’re like me you want to try to get all of your holiday shopping done as early as possible to avoid that massive rush.Depending on the age of your little ones, finding gifts can be easy. Sometimes not. I have a couple of gift ideas for the little ones this year that are not only unique, fun and affordable ...continue reading

Leapfrog : Math Adventure To The Moon

My family and I are huge fans of Leapfrog products.  I love toys and movies that help my kids learn.  The best part about Leapfrog is that your kids don't even realize that they are learning.  Their videos can also hold the attention of both my 2 year old and my 6 year old.Leapfrog Math Adventure To The Moon is about Tad and Lilly needing to find the ...continue reading

Munchkin Math

With Madison in school now, I like being able to give her the tools to succeed.  That is why I like to see video's like Munchkin Math's telling time.  Now, the ages on this is 2 - 9.  However, my two year old ran in and out of the room while we watched it.  However, Madison (who is five) was memorized by it.  She got up and sang the songs with the movie and ...continue reading