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Official Class B Motorhome Review

This is a guest post. Official Class B Motorhome Review Families are still facing financial restraints, but this doesn’t mean that we’re willing to sit around and not take opportunities to explore this great country of ours. Instead of spending money on plane tickets that only take you to one place at a time, why not look into Class B motorhomes? These … [Read more...] about Official Class B Motorhome Review

Countdown to Christmas: Parking Pal

I recently came across another item that falls along the lines of "why didn't I think of that?". The mom who came up with the Parking Pal, in my opinion, is a genius.  The Parking Pal is a circular magnet with a child size hand print in the center.  When you put it on your car/van/vehicle, you child puts they hand on their, and it keeps them safe while you … [Read more...] about Countdown to Christmas: Parking Pal

We got keyed!

I am so ticked off right now. I happened to notice yesterday that our minivan got keyed. One whole side of it. Now, I don't call the cops on anybody, and we really are nice people, so I want to know why my van got keyed. This is a 2006 minivan that we bought brand new. This is my baby. Its current home is on the street since all of our home improvement … [Read more...] about We got keyed!