MoonScope Giveaway!

Educational Insights Nancy B'S Science Club Moonscope & Sky Gazers Activity Journal is a great moonscope for kids.  You can easily take a tour of the nighttime sky complete with visits to the stars, Saturn, Jupiter, and even check out the mountain ranges, seas, and craters on the moon! The Sky Gazer’s Journal that is included is packed with fun ...continue reading

Lego Space

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Most science fiction authors weave their stories with words. Lego Space use Legos instead.In the full-color, gorgeous LEGO Space photographs of intricate LEGO models tell a tale of exploration and intrigue that's sure to inspire science fiction fans and LEGO enthusiasts of all ages. This book is crammed with custom models of sleek starships, cool ...continue reading

Vedic Astrology Deck

Learn the universal wisdom encoded in the study of the stars: A 7,000-year-old science is distilled into a 44-card set and an accompanying booklet for easy-to-understand guidance. Covering all the basics from body types, signs, and houses, this deck helps you identify how your body type relates to your personality and your character strengths, and reveals ...continue reading

Play Baby Play!

Play Baby Play is the third companion board book to Baby Baby Baby! and Go Baby Go! We get to follow the baby on her adventures on her play date. We get to watch her get dressed, ride a horse, and even go to the moon! The book has engaging pictures and is the perfect length for little ones.Play Baby Play! is a great book for any little ones you may have in ...continue reading