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Computer Update

I just talked to the computer store. Again. They think it has to do with the motherboard. I am waiting to find out how much this is going to cost. I am pretty sure that this is pretty bad. If I get a new computer, how would I get the data off my old computer and put it on the new one? … [Read more...] about Computer Update

Broken Power Jack

I have been having computer issues for a while now. In Sept., my power cord quit working. I had to hold the power cord in awkward postions to make my battery charge. I bought a new power cord and that seemed to fix the issue. Then, about a month ago, it seemed that I kept smelling burnt plastic. I noticed that when my battery was charging. I also … [Read more...] about Broken Power Jack


We are currently at my inlaws right now. Our furnace completely has quit working. It died about 10 o'clock and we gave up on it around 12:30 this morning. The high today is suppose to be a whopping 16 degrees, so Madison and I decided not to brave the cold again. Since it is the motherboard that they think is the problem (and our furnace is 12 years … [Read more...] about Furnace