Postie Carnival

I apologize that I haven't had a chance to read the submissions yet. I am in Miami working, and I don't have the free time I thought I would. Plus, the wifi isn't working. That being said, here you go: The best posts of the last year -- Skeet presents Secret cove posted at skeet's stuff. Lori presents Blogging Tools that Build a Better Blog posted … [Read more...]

This is wrong

As you all know, I am pro-choice. I don't believe in parental notification laws. I believe you can have an abortion for whatever reason you want. And yes I am a mother. And yes I was upset when I miscarried cuz that was a baby to me. However, IT IS MY CHOICE!!! And that's what the abortion debate is about. I am copying what I just found because it is … [Read more...]


So, did my first craft show yesterday. It sucked. We had maybe 100 people go through all day. The other vendors there were complaining too. They did little to no advertising. I didn't even make my table money back. I did hand out 9 lia sophia catalogs, so we'll see if that leads anywhere. I am hoping to go to Brookfield Zoo this morning. They have … [Read more...]