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Be Fire Smart and Stay Safe

Now is the time of the year to talk with your kids about fire safety.  With many of us stuck in our homes (see the post before this about being snowed in) and having real Christmas trees, this is a talk we all need to have.  Even if you don't have a real tree, your kids definitely need to know what to do if a fire would happen to break out.  I know that … [Read more...] about Be Fire Smart and Stay Safe

Responsibility Project

Don't you wish the kids nowadays were more responsible?  I know that I hear that a lot from older people.  When you have younger children like me, now is the time to install that.  Liberty Mutual has made that a little bit easier for us parents.  They created a series of short little films for you and your kids to watch called The Responsibility Project.  … [Read more...] about Responsibility Project