Time Flies When You Are Having Fun

This has definitely been a busy month -- both personally and well, for everybody. The kids schools and activities are wrapping up, and as I've written before, life has definitely gotten a lot crazier. As I type this, we are planning on a trip to Green Bay for my nephew's birthday. (Yes, I'd rather be sitting in a leather recliner than in a car for 4 hours … [Read more...]

Chicago Sky WNBA Basket Ball

On top of the exciting things that have happened this week, I have to tell you about the WBNA Chicago Sky game we were privileged enough to see last Thursday.  My kids have never been to pro game before, so I wasn't sure how they were going to react.  At first, Will wasn't too thrilled (it was loud and he just woke up from a nap): However, he soon … [Read more...]

Virtual Baby Shower: the no cry nap solution

When you had your children, did you wish that they came with a manual?  Maybe the better question is who didn't wish for that.  Now, no one has come up with an all inclusive version yet, but if you want one for naptime, the no cry nap solution is it!  I wish I had this book when my kids were born.  There is some great advice laid out in this book.  Even as a … [Read more...]

Countdown To Christmas: Toddler Tools

Since I have a toddler, I thought the Toddler Tools book line would be perfect for my house. Listening Time is a great book for teaching your kids about how to be good listeners.  Both my eighteen month old and four year old like to read it.  It is a board book, so it can't be destroyed either.  I love that it also helps to work on body parts too.  The … [Read more...]