10 Reasons You Should Go See The Hundred Foot Journey #Review #100FootJourneyEvent


I'll be honest, I am a picky movie watcher. I am usually a person who watches the stuff my kids like (Frozen) and I like action flicks too. I like a good comedy too. However, I didn't know if I was going to like The Hundred-Foot Journey. For those of you who haven't seen the previews for The Hundred-Foot Journey, here's a quick synopsis: In “The ...continue reading

SyrenPro from iLuv

The iLuv SYRENPROWH Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker  is a must get gift for all the dads and grads in your life!  We are a music family here.  We listen to music all the time, and the iLuv speaker has allowed us to listen both our music outside and inside.  It was something even tried out during Will's birthday party! Equipped with ...continue reading

Maintenance Steps For Your Washing Machine

 A washing machine is undoubtedly one of the most functional and important appliances throughout your home. When purchasing washing machines, it would be best to opt for those that have high energy efficiency and environment protection ratings. These traits will allow you to clean larger loads of laundry at once and a positive efficiency rating ...continue reading

WAHL Massage

After all the yard work we are doing to get ready for Will's birthday party, Bill and I both definitely need a massage. However, neither of us have time to go get one! That is where WAHL steps in with their great massagers! The Hot-Cold Massaging Gel Pack is heaven sent. Seriously, I cannot tell you how awesome this device is.  Wahl Hot-Cold Massage ...continue reading