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Bowl Me Over Dog Tags

Our pets deserve just as much luxury as we do, and Wags & Tags delivers on that.  The dog tag that you see above is, by far, the nicest dog tags I've ever seen.  Anywhere.  And I love it! This dog bowl tag is sterling silver.  However, the back is stainless steel, so that it can be engraved.  Since it is stainless steel, the information you have engraved … [Read more...] about Bowl Me Over Dog Tags

Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees — Really It Doesn’t

Oh the joys of having a four year old (who is almost five and cries almost everyday because she is not five yet).  Madison has finally started noticing things - especially things called commercials.  Every single commercial she sees she wants whatever product their are selling be it a pancake ball maker to a baby that swims (though she said she wanted that … [Read more...] about Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees — Really It Doesn’t

Flying Nowadays

If you read my travel blog, I outlined all the airlines and the baggage fees that they (the airlines) are now collecting.  I seriously swear it is getting to the point that if you have the wrong color bag, they are going to charge.  A lot of the airlines are also charging for blankets, pillows, soft drinks, water, and anything else you can think off.  In this … [Read more...] about Flying Nowadays